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God what is it with people lately? First it was SWTOR and now it’s Dragon Age.

You don’t have to love everything that everyone else loves. You wanna know why I deleted my tumblr? Because I was overwhelmed by the amount of Shenko on my dashboard to the point of tears. Did I send Shenko writers angry anons? No. I deleted my journal, which was self-destructive and I regret, I lost a lot of good posts, but I didn’t hurt anyone else

So you know what? It’s okay not to like big popular thing X. It is! There’s a lot of popular shit I don’t like! You can even say it to your followers: I vent about not being able to get the popularity of: Skyrim, Shenko, Fenris, Alistair, Adventure Time, Zuko, Turians, the list goes on. Actually I can state the only three fandoms where I like (or at least tolerate) every single thing about them: Star Wars, Full Metal Alchemist, and Discworld. But here’s the thing— even when I feel overwhelmed by the stuff that honestly upsets me for whatever reason— be it Shenko or Fenders or Skyrim winning game of the year over Portal 2 and LA Noire, I don’t send people anon hate. I don’t try to bring others down, purposely. I scream at my screen maybe, or vent to my room mates, or in extreme cases just destroy my tumblr, but I don’t lash out at the people who enjoy it, because they don’t deserve that, and some of my favorite people love Alistair or write Shenko or adore Turians. That’s okay too!

It doesn’t make you bad or stupid or lesser not to like something popular—- this is something I’m still learning— it does make you rude and mean and nasty to send the people who enjoy it messages disparaging it. 

1 year ago // Dragon Age - Anonymous - Mass Effect - Fandom - don't be a hater - or at least not openly - you can write all the snarky private entries you want - + 7
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